Marla Foxx (forgivenwords) wrote in pc_tech,
Marla Foxx

boot problems

My aunt's computer keeps restarting itself every time I start it up. Whenever I press F8 to pick a boot device (every time it starts) none of them work. It just kind of goes to load windows and then decides to restart again after the attempt.

Whenever I don't pick a boot device (letting it start up on its own) it prompts me to pick how I want it to boot (IE, in safe mode, in safe mode with command prompt, etc) and whatever way I pick for it to boot, all of a sudden a list comes up that's too stretched out to read; but it shows the system32 folder.

So what should I do? Nothing is working :/ Her computer has the main internet, yet I can still connect to her internet with my wireless laptop. It's weird. Any suggestions?
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