Arthur (cxrdevil) wrote in pc_tech,

Log-In Trouble

Hey, I've had a problem for a while now with my old computer. I haven't been able to log in.
Normally, I'd be inclined to think I'd just forgotten my password, but I've owned it for about four years and never changed it. About a year and change ago it stopped letting me log in - Fine, I said, I can get by with the guest account.

But now I need a good deal of work and writing I had saved on there, and there's old family tax info that I want to make sure doesn't end up in someone's hands if I give up and dump the thing in the junk lot. I also can't, y'know, install anything.

It's a chunky beige Dell running Windows 2000 or XP (I can't remember), and the 'Administrator' account doesn't exist anymore; I replaced it with mine and my sister's accounts as administrators. She can't log into hers either.
Is there any way to reset the access without destroying the files, or any way to get around and into saved documents from a guest account? I'd like my computer back.

I can run down and get more info from it, too. I can't set up the internet on it either :(
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