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Looking for advise

ok, so I had my performance review and it was "stellar" (?)... but no raise because well, apparently I make enough for my position 0o... sooooo... instead he offered me up to 5 vouchers for New Horizons, which I was thrilled about... I can take either online or take a live class, 1 voucher for 1 class... a 3 day class would require 3 vouchers... I could take 5 1 day classes, or a 2 day class and a 3 day class, etc etc etc...

He recalled I had mentioned I had an interest in PMP but said that although it's great, there is nothing he can offer me to help me experience-wise in project management, however, how did I feel about programming or web design? I shrieked, I had originally (since I was 13) been interested in programming, and mentioned I've been interested in web design, specially since my last semester when I took that intro class and It was fun. I had offered a couple of friends to play around with their sites as a hobby on the side already so he was happy about that. He stated he has a couple of projects he wants taken care of that need programming and web design people on... He said if I take courses on that, he woul even expense kits for me, but it needs to be done ASAP. And he would be able to offer me more projects along those fields which would look good on my resume anyways, right? He of course suggested I research and pick what would be the most lucrative path among all the courses, so it is to my benefit...

I'm thinking something along ASP.NET or even AJAX, but it doesn't seem like enough or right... I see visual studio and .net everywhere, so I'm thinking that's a plus, and I believe everything is going to ASP, right? but I need to concentrate also on what I will be involved in which are pages on the intranet here, and then also build from there for my outside hobby projects, right? VBS would be good, ASP would be good, .net yes... ack...

What I've looked at so far:
The NH catalog is here (link)

1912 Introduction to Web Development Technologies

ASP.NET - Using Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, and XML

Dreamweaver MX 2004 Designing and Developing Web Sites - Level 1

I need help... :( Help please?

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