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One of my harddrives is no longer playing.

I've got an interesting sort of problem which I'd really appreciate some help with. My desktop, upon booting up, cannot find its harddrive. Said drive(well I assume it's the drive with the problem, it wouldn't make much sense for the working drive to start making disturbing noises just when the other one stops working) makes an interesting cla-chnk. cla-chnk. cla-chnk. noise while(I assume) it tries to talk to the motherboard, which it stops as soon as(again, assuming) the motherboard gives up on that one, and boots from the other harddrive instead. It asks me to boot from CD, but only for a few seconds before starting up windows.

It's a bit of a DIY computer, starting life as an Evesham, with the hard drive from my old computer(E:, the one that isn't working) slaved to the new one(C:). I'd like to tell you how big the E: drive is, but obviously right now I can't get to its properties. C: is 149 GB. I think E: was around 80, if that does any good to anyone. I think it must have been partitioned by the person who installed it, because My Computer used to show three harddrives, one named 'Do not use(for now)' and now I only have C:.

I've opened up the case and made sure all connections are tight, in fact I should probably close the case at some point, and there doesn't appear to be anything physically wrong with it. I don't want to do anything more drastic right now without having a clear idea of what I'm doing as in order to get to the harddrives for anything beyond jiggling connections I'd have to remove the fan, and while that's pretty simple, it's a right bugger to put back.

As one last thought, it did this once before last year - the remedy that time was to take it for a nice long drive upside down, then plug it in for a computer expert to look at. Whereupon it worked perfectly. At that point C: was slaved to E:, so with E: not working, NOTHING worked. Giving it a boot cd did nothing. After that we swapped the master/slave pins.

All the E: drive is really good for is holding a load of old data that I would like to retrieve, having not backed it up as it was still a viable piece of computer. I am not reduced to a non-computered state without it. Does anyone have any ideas? I would be loth to take it to PC world or somewhere like that where they'd probably just make it worse.
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